W2017 Lab 2

Ryerson University

Worth: 3%

Asymptotic Efficiencies

Due: Friday February 3

Team Size

This lab can be done in teams of 1 or 2.

Lab Description

docx format or pdf format.

Additional Material

  • Textbook chapter 2.2
  • Handouts and references can be found in the Mathematical Analysis of Algorithm Efficiency section of the cps616 Lecture Material
  • Lists of standard limits that you can use without proving them: Wikipedia list, Planet math (scroll down if you see a socket error)

Hand In

This lab is a paper submission to be handed in at the Computer Science office.
  • Hand in your written solution with a marking sheet (docx or pdf) stapled to the front.
  • In addition to the lab itself you will need to also submit the Lab Submission Declaration on D2L. This lab will not be graded unless this declaration has been submitted


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