W2017 Lab 3

Ryerson University

Worth: 3%

Algorithm Efficiencies

Due: Friday February 10

Team size

This lab can be done in teams of 1 or 2.

Lab Description

In this lab you will analyse the efficiency of a brute force battleship game algorithm and will try to improve it.

Battleship is a traditional two player game where each player tries to sink his or her opponent's ships which are hidden on a 10X10 grid. The rules of the game are described at www.battleshiponline.org where you can also play an interactiver version of the game.

In this lab you will analyze and improve the brute force algorithm which plays a generalized version of a simple battleship game: finding and sinking a single ship of length m>1 hidden in an nXn grid, where n>=m.

This lab can be done directly in the marking sheet (docx or pdf):

Additional Material

Hand In

This lab is a paper submission to be handed in at the Computer Science office.
  • Hand in a printout of your marking sheet and written solution (docx or pdf).
  • In addition to the lab itself you will need to also submit the Lab Submission Declaration on D2L. This lab will not be graded unless this declaration has been submitted

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