W2017 Final Exam

Ryerson University

Worth: 40%

Due: Monday April 24 8:00AM

Date and Time

The final exam will be held on Monday April 24nd from 8:00AM to 11:00AM.


The final exam will be held in three rooms:
  • Sections 1 and 2: KHE129
  • Sections 3 and 4: KHE117
  • Section 5: KHE119
Be sure to show up in the correct room in order to find your personalized bubble sheet for the multiple choice component.

This exam will follow the new Ryerson Exam procedures (even though it is not held at Mattamy)


The format will be partly multiple choice and partly short essay questions.


The material covered is The emphasis of the final exam will be on material covered after the midterm. However, knowledge of the material before the midterm is assumed, particularly as it supports the later material.

The recommended exercises are meant to support your learning. They will not be emphasized in the final exam.

Finally: material covered in the assignment is not included in the final exam.


You can bring a formula sheet to the exam: one doubled-sided letter-sized page with anything that you want on it. You can hand-write it or print it, as you wish, but you will not be allowed to bring other aids, such as magnifiers, to assist looking at it.

Final Exam Office Hours

I will be holding special office hours for the final exam on Friday April 21 from 10AM to 12AM and 1PM to 5PM. I will answer questions during these office hours and not by email.

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