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Ryerson University

Submission of Assignments, Labs, Projects

Marking Sheet

Unless otherwise noted on the web site, each piece of work in this course includes a marking sheet that must be filled out, and handed in. This marking sheet will indicate whether the actual work is to be submitted electronically or on paper. For paper submissions, the marking sheet should be stapled to the front of the submission. For electronic submissions it can either be handed in physically, or a scan can be submitted electronically.

Paper Submissions

Paper submissions must be physically handed in the Computer Science drop box which is on the left hand side of the main counter of the reception area in ENG287. Work handed in using other methods will not be accepted.

The marking sheet should be stapled to the front of the submission.

When work is done in teams, only hand in one submission for the whole team and indicate the team members on the marking sheet.

D2L Electronic Submissions

D2L Electronic submissions are handed in the associated D2L folder.

You can submit the same file as often as you want: all copies will be kept. If you do, be aware that only the latest copy will be graded. This will affect late penalties.

For labs and assignments that allows team submissions, you will need to enroll in a group for that lab or assignment in order to submit your work, even if you are working alone. For each such lab or assignment, 200 self-enrolment groups with a maximum of three members have been created. To enroll in a group, select a D2L group for that lab or assignment that has 0 members and have all members of your team enroll in that group. It doesn't matter which group you choose as long as it has 0 members when you claim it. Only one submission is necessary for the entire team. Unless specified otherwise, you do not have to stay in the same teams for different labs and assignments.

Scs Moons Electronic Submissions

Electronic submissions on the scs moons work as follows:

From one of the moons, run submit-cps616 filename. For example submit-cps616 assignment.java (Please note that "submit-cps616" is one word: there is no blank before the minus sign)

You can submit the same file as often as you want: the new copy will simply replace the old copy. If you do, be aware that the date stamp for the file will be that of the new copy.

You can check your submissions by simply typing check-submit-cps616

You can also retrieve any document from your submissions directory using the get-submit-cps616 command which works somewhat like a cp command:
e.g. if you want to retrieve a document called filename from your submissions directory and place a copy in destination-folder, just type
get-submit-cps616 filename destination-folder
Note that this does not delete the document in your submissions directory - it only copies it.

When you submit work on the moons, we will ask you to give provide on a marking sheet the userid of the person who made the submission. This is because the only information we will have from the submission process is the userid and these can be obscure and not obviously related to the author.

Submission Declaration

All submissions in this course (labs and assignments), whether they are on paper or online, must be accompanied by a Submission Declaration filled out by each student who is submitting the work to be graded. This submission declaration is available online on D2L, listed under "Surveys". There is one Assignment Submission Declaration and a generic Lab Submission declaration that will work for any lab. A student will not receive a grade for a submitted assessment unless s/he submits a Submission Declaration for that assessment.

Due Times

Late Penalties

When late work is accepted (i.e. the late penalty is not -100%), the late penalty will be as follows:
Work will have a late penalty of -3n marks (out of 100) removed, where n is the number of school days (Monday to Friday) the work is late by.

e.g. if the work is marked out of 100, 3 marks are lost on the first day, 9 on the second, 27 on the 3rd, 81 on the 4th, and 100 on the 5th.
The late penalty for work marked out of something other than 100 is prorated from the above formula.

The late penalty only applies to the work itself, and not its marking sheet. So the date used to calculate the late penalty for any work is the date on which the submission has been received not the date on which the marking sheet was received.

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