Policies on Team/Individual Work and Academic Integrity

Ryerson University

Individual vs Team Work

Unless specified otherwise with a marking sheet containing space for multiple names, the evaluations on this course will be for individual work.

However the Department of Computer Science Assignment policy applies to this course:

"Unless explicitly disallowed in the course management form for a course, two ACPS/CSCI student in a computer course have the right to work together on an assignment, provided that the two students names are clearly identified on the assignment. The assignment will be marked and 80% of the resulting mark will be credited to each student. This must be done when the assignment is handed in. It is explicitly not a way to get out of a charge of copying."

Should you wish to work in teams in accordance with this policy, you should include a comment in the first few lines of your Kattis submissions stating that you have worked on this assignment as a team and listing the names and student IDs of your team members.

Please note that

  1. Teams must be declared when the work is submitted, and not after.
  2. This policy only allows teams of two people.
  3. It is expected that each team will produce original work.
  4. Team members can be from different sections.

Original Work and Academic Integrity

Please familiarise yourself with the Senate Policy on Academic Integrity and the material on the Academic Integrity Site.

It applies to this course and will be enforced. Incidents of cheating, plagiarism, etc. will be refered to Office of Academic Integrity.

If you have any doubt about the originality of your work, be sure to acknowledge all the sources you have used, again as a comment at the beginning of your Kattis code.

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